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Help us raise £500,000 to save the Holst organ

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What is Sponsor a Pipe?

The grand organ of All Saints' church, Cheltenham was built by Hill & Son organ-builders in 1887. We need to raise £500,000 to ensure this great instrument can play for another 130 years.

As part of the fundraising appeal, we are offering the chance to sponsor any of the 2609 pipes.

You can sponsor a pipe, or a set of pipes, directly from this website - learn about the different sorts of pipes and the unique sounds they make - and actually hear the pipes you're sponsoring!

To get started, select one of the options below.

Learn more about the history of the Hill & Son organ



The Organ

Sponsor from the Virtual Console

Sit at the organist's bench - play the keys to hear the pipes and select the ones to sponsor.

Best option for desktops and laptops

Virtual Console

Sponsor from the Pipe Grid

Select pipes to sponsor from a tabular grid showing all the pipes in the organ.

Best option for tablets

Pipe Grid

Not sure which pipe you'd like to sponsor?

Use our random pipe finder tool to find a pipe quickly.

Best option for mobile phones

Pipe Finder

That's all too complicated, but I'd still like to sponsor something...

Get in touch with us via email and we can discuss what you want to do

Best option for technophobes

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