Sponsoring a pipe is a great way to be part of our project to save the Hill & Son organ at All Saints' Church. The video below explains more about the project and how your sponsorship can help us be successful in our campaign to save this magnificent piece of musical history.

Each sponsor not only contributes to the total amount of funds that we need to raise, but also becomes associated with a magnificent piece of musical history. Sponsors can leave a message associated with their pipe, which is ideal for those who wish to sponsor a pipe in memory of a loved one, and also receive certificate, such as the one below, which can be printed and framed.


This video demonstrates the process, complete from start to finish, of sponsoring a pipe using both the Virtual Console and the Pipe Grid.

It is also possible to sponsor a pipe by contacting us.


Can I sponsor a non-pipe element of the organ?

Yes! We've recently made non-pipe elements of the organ available for sponsorship, too!

Video Coming Soon

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